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Finally something that works!

I bought this for my teenage daughter. She had tried many different products and they all irritated her skin or didn’t work. She can use these natural products without drying out her skin and she feels good about the results.

Essential Product

I first bought this product for my teenage niece and nephew and after hearing them rave about how well it works I thought I should try it myself (can't resist a good natural product especially one that foams!!). I honestly love this product! It has as a refreshing scent and leaves my skin feeling clean - it event removes my mascara! I don't find it over drying either. I have my 9-yr old son using it too - never too young to start a clean skincare routine!

Life changing

I’m on my second order of products. So far, the face wash and moisturizer have cleared my skin and keeps my skin feeling smooth without feeling oily. The spot treatment gets rid of any annoying spots within days! While the all over wash is my favourite body wash. I’m in love with Thirsty Naturals products!

Awesome products!

Great products for my daughter's sensitive skin. Spot treatment works wonders with breakouts!

Absolutely what I was looking for !!

I had been looking for a face moisturizer that had a matte finish & had a little shine and this does it perfectly! It is an essential for every night or morning and creates the perfect glow without being over oily. It also make super super smooth skin and is my favourite!


I really enjoy this moisturizer and it’s amazing for my face!!

An essential!!

I tried the thirsty naturals foaming face wash and it has an amazing smell as well, it has such a nice feeling washing my face at the end of the day. I have more oily skin and heard that this product would reduce the oil, and after a few days of using it, I noticed significantly less oil on my face throughout the day! Additionally, my acne and complexion was way smoother and clearer. 10/10 recommend!

It works great!!!

EXACT words from my 12 yr old niece who was absolutely thrilled when her skin cleared up after trying the cleanser for the first time. She was nervous about trying it because her skin is so sensitive and never tried anything like it before. A natural product that is both nice smelling and effective, without being harsh. Brilliant!

Spot treatment

This stuff seriously works miracles! I’ve been looking for a product that could work quick and well for a long time and I’m glad I found this product!

Dry Shampoo review

When my hair is greasy I can just sprinkle some of it into my roots and my problems are solved. This dry shampoo leaves my hair feeling voluminous and fresh!

Pretty Good!!

I like the way it smells! Its a nice product that makes my skin feel great.

Foaming Face Wash is a Winner!

Our 12-year old uses the foaming face wash (less regularly than she should...) and loves it enough that she is nearly finished her first bottle. It smells great, the foaming action is fun, and it minimizes oil without stripping. She used some other products that were too harsh for teen skin, and I like that she can clean her face using a natural product.

All-Over Wash is the favourite product in our house!

We love love love Thirsty Naturals All-Over Wash. It smells awesome - refreshing, healthy, clean. And you can still smell it the next day. Our nine-year old boy loves it because of the easy pump and it's one product for both hair and body. Also good for the face, as used by our daughter (along with the Foaming Face Wash). And it works as a Mom shampoo too, I can confirm! We keep a bottle in every bathroom in our house. Serious.

Spot treatment

My mom steals pumps of this stuff cause I told her that it works. Love this one!

Foaming face wash

I am a new user of face wash and love this one. I noticed I get less mini break outs now that I use this every day.

Love this All-Over Wash!

I use this one every day! It smells really good and makes my skin super soft.

Face Wash

I snitched a squirt of the acne wash from my son's bathroom and the smell is so calming and such a great change from the typical bubblegum berry blast fake scents marketed to kids. My skin felt very clean and immediately smoother too. I think on kids skin it would be great to remove oil without overstripping.

Pretty good!

I like the way it smells. It’s a nice product that makes my skin feel great.

Miracle Treatment!

This spot treatment is amazing, I have used many products before and never have I seen such quick results. I put this on as soon as I felt a large zit popping up on my chin and by morning it was practically gone with no redness. A little goes a long way and it's great to know you are using a product on your skin that is natural, but still super effective!

Must Purchase!

This moisturizer is great. It has a wonderful refreshing scent, applies nicely to my skin and leaves a matte finish. My skin feels smoother and more nourished since using this moisturizer. I will recommend this to my family and friends, it's a must buy!

Works great!

I have three sports-playing boys and this deodorant has been fantastic. I was hesitant to start them on using a deodorant as I am conscious about what I put in and on my kids. This product came along at the perfect time, the boys like wearing it, and it works great!


In the morning they make me feel like it’s gonna be a successful day because I know I’m using natural products on my skin!

A deodorant I feel good about buying for my daughter

My daughter plays a lot of sports and as a result, is smelly. I love that this deodorant works and is non-toxic, a perfect combination!

So easy to use, and leaves my hair looking like a just showered. I love it so much that sometimes I put it on in the morning just for the smell!

Everything smells amazing and the result on my skin has been great!